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Welcome All Pets, do you own a human or 2, well then we want you?! Come join the Be-Mi-Kitties banner exchange. Our only requirements are that your a critter and own a human or 2, of course your site MUST be family friendly (this will be carefully checked). You must display the banner code on your website, otherwise your banner will not be displayed. If you need help ... please contact me
Here are the mechanics of the Exchange, your banner is displayed on targeted sites in the network. And in return you display other members banners in the network on your site. Simple and fun!

Banner requirements are as follows:

Banners dimensions: must be 468 X 60 (gif or jpg format only), if you need a banner we will provide one (or there are many free banner makers on the net). Banners of other sizes will not be accepted.
Banner Size: 12000 bytes or less
Banner must be on your site and code may not be altered.
All Family Friendly Pet related sites are welcome.
We reserve the right to cancel or not accept any site at any time for any reason deemed a violation of our requirements.
Sound simple, well what are you waiting for ... come on and join the fun!
Editing, Joining & Member Sites are below

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That's all there is to it, so come on join in the fun, lets see how many GREAT pet sites we can get together!!

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