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Be-Mi-Kitties ... RingLink [Directory] provides the tools you need to create and run your own webring, hosted by us. We will try to answer any questions regarding set-up and/or how to maintain and run your webrings. You may call your ring anything you like (no foul language allowed), and use your own graphics. Your ring will be listed in the Be-Mi-Kitties RingLink Directory for others to surf and/or join. Instructions for creating a ring or to join a ring in the directory follow below. Once you have read ALL of the instructions, if you still have questions, please feel free to email me.

Rings hosted at Be-Mi-Kitties ... RingLink [Directory]

You are welcome to visit our Ring list. This is a list of rings hosted by Be-Mi-Kitties, some created by us, some created by others. If you own web site, you can join a ring listed here, or perhaps you'd like to create your own ring. You can also just surf rings others have created.

If your interested in joining a ring, please check-out the ring homepage to find out what their requirements are for joining.

We WILL NOT host or allow porn/XXX sites, or sites with links to porn/XXX sites, family friendly ONLY PLEASE :)

 Site admin

If you have joined one of the rings hosted here, this is where you go to edit your site info, and get your customized HTML code. Place your customized code according to the instructions you received from the ring you joined (each rings instruction will vary so please be sure and read the instructions you are emailed).

 Ring admin

This is where ringmasters will edit or customize their ring, activate/deactivate sites, customize the ring code, etc. You can also access the "Site admin" menu within "Ring admin".

Start your own webring

If you wish to set up a ring using Be-Mi-Kitties ... RingLink [Directory], there are various resources available to help you get started. The Ringlink Homepage includes an FAQ page, and examples of navigation panels and other customization examples. Useful general help about setting up and running a ring of web sites can be found at the World of Webrings site also. You can also email me and I will be happy to help. You will need to have a fairly good knowledge of HTML.

Ring homepage

Each webring is supposed to have a homepage with info for ring surfers, members and prospective members. A ring homepage may include:

  • Topic/purpose of the webring.
  • Intro to the webring concept. You'd better not take for granted that your visitors know anything about webrings.
  • Requirements for joining - and staying in - the ring.
  • Instructions how to join. Those may include rules for the placement of the navigation panel and how to download possible image(s) (if necessary).
  • Terms of Service.
  • Info how to contact the ringmaster.

It's advisable to check out the homepages of some existing webrings for tips of what is typically included. Basically, the idea is that the ring shall be presented in a way that makes sense to both your visitors and members.

These are some useful strings for a ringmaster to put up in links at the ring homepage:

 List sites   in the ring (sample code below)

 Random site   in the ring (sample code below)

 Ring statistics   (sample code below)

 Search   the ring (sample code below)

 Add a new site   to the ring (sample code below)

Get the  HTML code/Edit site   for the ring (sample code below)

This JavaScript code displays the current number of member sites in your ring/s:

<script type="text/javascript"

The ring code for the navigation panel, that the members shall put up on their sites, can be fully customized in "Ring admin".

If you have questions, please contact the host administrator.

Create Your Own Ring

Join a Be-Mi-Kitties ... Ring

Remember once you have created a ring, you must have a join ring page. So a fairly good knowledge of HTML is needed. I can help with the ring code, but I can't put your ring page together, so please don't try to create a ring unless your knowledge of HTML coding is fairly good.

If you'd like to join one of the rings in the Be-Mi-Kitties ... RingLink Directory, this is the place. Simply find the ring your interested in joining, and follow the instructions on the ring homepage!!

**On the form - "Site URL", is the address of the page the ring will be on, if it is on a webring page, be sure you sign up with that address. Don't put your website URL unless this is where the ring will be.**

**When you create a ring there is option at the bottom of the form - "Hide HTML code URL", it is advisable to check this. Otherwise anyone joining your ring will have to put the URL of the actual website and the URL of the page the webring is actually on.**
We WILL NOT host or allow porn/XXX sites, or sites with links to porn/XXX sites, family friendly ONLY PLEASE :)

Be-Mi-Kitties ... Ringlink [Homepage]







@    Join this Ring

If you'd like to join our "Be-Mi-Kitties ... Ring, click here and follow the instructions. You will be emailed a copy of the code that you should copy & paste into the page you registered. Your ring should look like the ring to your left.

Be sure to right click the graphic and save it to your computer - NO DIRECT LINKING ALLOWED

Edit your site info below

Ring ID

Site ID
Site password

("cookies" must be enabled)


Forgotten your password? Click below to have it sent to the webmaster email address for the entered site.

Mailing list

If you would like further help (or would just like to get ideas from other ring hosts), post your problem to the Ringlink-open mailing list, which is a discussion forum for Ringlink users. The list is also available for general comments on the Program, suggestions for new features, etc. Postings to the list are archived in the Ringlink-open Archive.

Other Ringlink Webrings

Be-Mi-Kitties ... RingLink - Webring Directory
(webrings created by you/us and hosted by us)

Ringlink Webring Directory
(list of all Ringlink Directories and their webrings, we are listed here too)

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