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I'm an animal lover and have in the past designed and maintained FREE websites for Animal Rescues & Foster Care Groups, I am slowing down on taking on new rescues because I have a sick furbaby that I am devoting a lot of my time to. I certainly hope to be able to be able to pick up and get back to normal in the future because I really enjoy doing it, but for now I am only taking on new rescues on a "as time allows basis".

I'd like you to sign-up for my newsletter (click the join button on the left). I use this to get information out to the rescues I work with. It is sent out periodically with current status on my work time allowence or if there is an emergency that requires a change in my work time.
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Although some of these sites no longer update or have moved to their own domains and have taken over their own maintenance. I created all of them (except one) and have left the inactive ones as examples of my work. *** These sites were already in existence and I have taken over the maintenence, graphics and design belong to original designer. I have made some changes to these sites at the request of the site owners. Please write if you have any questions.
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Animal Awareness Award

Please visit this wonderful website and see all the beautiful dog and other photographs he has for sale. If you buy one a portion of the proceeds are donated to designated rescues.

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